Why outsource? Many hands make light work

Outsourcing can help save time, money, space, the need for training. By outsourcing your call centre needs to us, you have an inbound and outbound trained and experienced staff ready and waiting, without the need of recruitment, selection and training. All this set up ready and waiting for your company.

out"Proactive, Energized, Passionate, Driven, Incisive"

Our inbound and outbound call centre can be tailored to meet your needs, working with you to get the best out of your data. Our staff are talented individuals that show the same ambition and professionalism as we do as a business.

The inbound and outbound call centre service we provide, can help to create an increase in:
contact with customers
sales revenue
market share
customer satisfaction
your companies profile in the market
growth of your company
quality confirmed appointments
reduced costs and overheads, specifically:-
significant reduction in staff requirement, no need for sales managers, high earners requiring sales incentives - commissions, company cars, mobile phones

All together making your business and your data more efficient and work better for you as a business, whilst having the benefit of not having to recruit and train in-house, but instead have trained and experienced staff ready to start working for you and your company.

By creating a team focused environment, we can create good communication and brainstorm new ideas, whilst working through any issues that occur to ensure that your clients and your potential clients receive the best service possible. A supportive and non competitive environment means that there is no time wasting with appointments that will provide no benefit for your business, instead we focus on the quality of the appointments which can provide a basis for the development of good relationships for you in the future.

As well as working as a team within our inbound and outbound personnel and our own business, we also like to create a team with you, our clients, meaning that we are just as dedicated with generating new business for you and treating your clients as we do our own, so that there is a smooth transition from communication with ourselves and being passed over to you, your clients feel as if they are truly being catered for and looked after.

We provide confidence for you as you will always have your own personal campaign manager, they will keep you in the loop with the day to day running of your campaign so that you will always feel linked to your campaign. In order that our two companies can work together, 100% of our calls are recorded and periodically listened to, to ensure that all of our staff are fully compliant, to the requirements of your business.

"Our vision is to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves; fair and professionally. We strive to achieve improvement for our customers and their business. "Request and instant quotation - click here